We understand that the word of God is to be interpreted in the light of its historical context, the church’s teaching and in the light of our own contemporary liturgical practice and scholarship

We have a relaxed and participatory worship service with traditional and contemporary elements and special inclusion of children and music.
Our Worship is:

* Meditative and Inspirational.

* Inclusive of all ages and peoples.

* One in which children are welcome and included.

*We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

* One in which the liturgy seeks to draw on strengths of the Christian tradition, both old and new.

* Planned to celebrate significant seasons and festivals in the Christian calendar.

Members of the Congregation are active participants in all parts of every service: members write and read our Prayers of the People, undertake the Bible readings, and lead singing, as well as usual rostered duties. Members and groups regularly plan and conduct entire services, which are incorporated into the worship program.

Children are included in the main service in a segment ‘Conversation with the Children’ and also take part in all the activities above. The children will also separate during the Service to take part in a Sunday School, often then returning to make a contribution to the latter part of the Service, such as by leading the Prayers of the People – ones that they have written.

A spiritually uplifting element of our worship is the singing of the Psalms. We are blessed with many members with fine singing voices, and several gifted musicians. The Psalms are sung, and sometimes chanted, by appropriate small choirs made up of male or female members – and sometimes both. The psalms are arranged by one of our members, who also publishes them for public use on the blog Psalms in the South at:

Reflections and Sermons

As we went through the process of finding a new Minister, many of our Congregation, and visiting preachers, delivered Reflections on the Liturgy and/or on spiritual development.  Some of these are presented on this website, mostly in the form in which they were presented (that is, orally) rather in in essay form. Sources (and quotes) are cited or acknowledged in the Order of Service and during presentation: they may not necessarily be fully acknowledged in the version below.

We have decided to continue posting Reflections and Sermons for later or further consideration and contemplation.

They are reproduced in our Reflections and Sermons page at this link or by using the Reflections and Sermons tab at the top of this page.