Reflections and Sermons 2018

We’re now in to 2018, and our Minister, shared with Weston Creek Uniting Church, has settled into a pattern of leading two worship services per month.  We will continue to post his Reflections/Sermons, as well as our own worship leaders and, where available, visiting preachers. The sermons our Minister delivers to Weston Creek Uniting Church on alternate weeks will also usually be published on this site.

Continue to enjoy the diversity of views.

They are presented mostly in the form in which they were presented (that is, orally) rather in in essay form. Sources (and quotes) are cited or acknowledged in the Order of Service and during presentation: they may not necessarily be fully acknowledged in the version below.

21 January 2018. Roger Mauldon. Epiphany 3. Fishy Business. Fishy Business

4 February 2018. Len Baglow. Epiphany 5.  Sprout wings like eagles in our pursuit of good. Sprout wings like eagles in our pursuit of good

25 February 2018. Evelyn Austin-Flannery. Lent 2. Let them take up their cross. Let them take up their cross

4 March 2018. David Cran. Lent 3. Do the Right Thing. Do the Right Thing

18 March 2018. John Schmidt. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies … Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies …

15 April 2018. Andrew Steele. What does it mean to follow a disabled God? What does it means to follow a disabled God?

29 April 2018. David Cran. Greater love has no one than this. Greater love has no one than this.

6 May 2018. Roger Mauldon. Called to be friends. Called to be friends

20 May 2018. John Schmidt. A Reflection on Pentecost. A Reflection on Pentecost

3 June 2018. Keith Fairbrother. We are pilgrims on a journey. We are pilgrims on a journey

17 June 2018. Rev. Andrew Mead. Homily on Reflective Listening. Homily on Reflective Listening. Rev. Andrew Mead is the Uniting Church Chaplain at The Canberra Hospital.

1 July 2018. David Cran. Because of her, we can! Because of her, we can!

5 August 2018. Roger Mauldon. I am the Bread of Life. I am the bread of life

2 September 2018. David Cran. Looking for Integrity. Looking for Integrity

30 September 2018. Joan Palmer. Sustaining and Nurturing Our Earth. Sustaining and Nurturing the Earth

21 October 2018. Rev. Robert Henderson. God, the Ground of all Being. God, the Ground of all Being

18 November 2018. Andrew Steele. The World I Hope For. The world I hope for

25 November 2018. Keith Fairbrother. Christ the King Sundaychrist the king sunday

2 December 2018. Keith Fairbrother. The Importance of Hope and the Power of Grace and Love. the importance of hope and the power of grace and love.

16 December 2018. Trish Cran and Gwenda Bramley. A Service of Readings and Carols. A Service of Readings and Carols 16 December 2018

30 December 2018. John Schmidt. Being about his Father’s business. Being about his Father_s business