Reflections and Sermons 2016

The Reflections and Sermons offered here are presented mostly in the form in which they were presented (that is, orally) rather in in essay form. Sources (and quotes) are cited or acknowledged in the Order of Service and during presentation: they may not necessarily be fully acknowledged in the version below.

10 January 2016. David Cran. Epiphany 1. What does it mean to be a Christian_ 10 January 2016.

17 January 2016. John Cope. Epiphany 2. An Epiphany Reflection – 17 January 2016.

31 January 2016. Joan Pratt. Epiphany 4.Food for the journey

7 February 2016. Evelyn Austin-Flannery. Transfiguration of Jesus.  Awe in the presence of the glory of God

14 February 2016. Our theme word for today, Lent 1, was Simplicity. Our Reflection was delivered by Sister Jane Keogh – without a script or notes! However, you’ll find all about her message by checking out her website at this link.

21 February 2016. Jon Nielsen. Lent 2: Sanctuary. Sanctuary

28 February 2016. Lent 3: Listening.

6 March 2016. Jenny Jarvis. Lent 4: Equality. International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day 6 March 2016

27 March 2016. Rev Gregor Henderson. Easter Sunday. The Women of Easter.  The Women of Easter. This Sermon refers to Hymn TIS 661, which we hope to include in its entirety for reference in due course once any copyright issues have been sorted.

17 April 2016. Joan Pratt. Identity and Belonging. Reflection – Identity and Belonging 17 April 2016.

24 April 2016. David Cran. There is Hope. ANZAC Day 2016 – Reflection- There is Hope.

8 May 2016. Roger Mauldon. A Reflection on Baptism. Easter 7 – A Reflection on Baptism

15 May 2016. Keith Fairbrother. The Holy Spirit. Pentecost 2016 – Reflection – The Holy Spirit.

22 May 2016. Gwenda Bramley. The Trinity. . The Trinity 22 May 2016

29 May 2016. Trish Cran. Resilience. This resilient life

5 June 2016. Rev. Paul Bartlett. Compassion. The Offer of Compassion

17 July 2016. John Schmidt. Perceptions of God.  Perceptions of God

24 July 2016. David Cran. Relationships. Our Relationships Matter

31 July 2016. Joan Pratt. Redemption and Love.  Becoming the people that God wants us to be.

7 August 2016. Evelyn Austin-Flannery. Sharing Spiritual Richness. sharing-spiritual-richness

14 August 2016. Len Baglow. Throw off everything that weighs you down. throw-off-everything-that-weighs-you-down

21 August 2016. Roger Mauldon. Jesus cures the crippled woman. .  jesus-cures-the-crippled-woman

18 September 2016. Joan Palmer. Creation Time.  creation-time

25 September 2016. John Cope. It Isn’t Fair. it-isnt-fair

9 October 2016. John Schmidt. What is Love? What is Love_

23 October 2016. Arto Avakian. Who do you think you are? who-do-you-think-you-are_

30 October 2016. Evelyn Austin-Flannery. God is the God of the Living, Not the Dead. god-is-god-of-the-living-not-the-dead

13 November 2016. David Cran. Remembrance, Hope and Community. remembrance-hope-and-community-13-nov-16

11 December 2016. Len Baglow. What is your individual call? what-is-your-individual-call_

18 December 2016. Gwenda Bramley and Trish Cran. Lessons and Carols.  This Service utilised readings and music from a wide variety of sources. The authorship is recognised in the Acknowledgements, and their use in this spiritual uplifting is recognised and very much appreciated. 2016-a-service-of-lessons-and-carols