Reflections and Sermons

While we were going through the process of finding a new Minister during 2015 and 2016, many of our Congregation, and visiting preachers, delivered Reflections and Sermons on the Liturgy and/or on spiritual development. Some of these are presented at the links below, mostly in the form in which they were presented (that is, orally) rather in in essay form. Sources (and quotes) are cited or acknowledged in the Order of Service and during presentation: they may not necessarily be fully acknowledged in the version below.

As our Minister is shared with Weston Creek Uniting Church, members of the Congregation, supported by visiting preachers, continue to lead Worship Services plan. We plan to continue to post appropriate Reflections and Sermons delivered at South Woden Uniting Church from all sources.

They are reproduced at the following sites for later reflection.

Reflections and Sermons 2015 –

Reflections and Sermons 2016 –

Reflections and Sermons 2017 –

Reflections and Sermons 2018