Social Justice

Social Justice Group

Social Justice issues have continued to be a focus in the life of South Woden Uniting Church. This is exemplified by support through our Wider Work donations, through specific ‘themed’ worship services, and through the support the congregation provides to individuals and groups that are active in social justice activities.

The support to our wider community through social justice activities is broad – through support of refugees and asylum seekers, for example, by active involvement in support organisations, and as individuals. A large group also attended a rally on Palm Sunday (13 April 2014) in Garema Place in support of refugees and asylum seekers.


At a very involved, personal level, two of our members support the Safe Shelter organisation in a very practical way, as volunteers sleeping over. The basis for the Safe Shelter project is that inner city church halls are often unused overnight and, on selected nights, provide safe, warm places for at least some of the homeless men seeking shelter in Canberra.


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 Wider Work

 Each year, as part of its wider work, the Congregation of South Woden Uniting Church allocates donations to causes that do not have large government or corporate support and will favour Uniting Church causes. We especially apply social justice principles in making our decisions, also seeking to support causes with which SWUC members already have a connection and look to develop our relationships with the people and causes we support. This year we allocated $20 000 for donations as part of this program.

Social Justice Issues


The South Woden Uniting Church believe that the Government should take immediate action to release all children and their families from Nauru and have their claims for asylum assessed here in Australia. We do not consider that punishing people as a deterrence is humane.

The South Woden Uniting Church has a long history of welcoming and assisting refugees and asylum seekers. We have heard firsthand the many stories of bravery, persecution, hardship and despair. We are alarmed that the Government in our name is adding to that hardship and despair. We are particularly concerned about the suffering of children. We do not believe that making children suffer on Nauru is morally justified because of the claim that it stops other children from drowning. The ethics are more complex. There are better and more humane approaches which we urge the Government and the Labor party to pursue together.

Advent Vigils for Asylum Seekers from 29 Nov

Download information here: advent_vigil-2
Sr Jane Keogh, a member of the Roman Catholic Brigidine Sisters, hopes that people from all Christian traditions, from other faiths and indeed people who profess no faith might want to join her at times, to show solidarity, to make their own peaceful protest, to walk around the lake with her carrying their own banners, to pray or sing or meditate in silence.

Uniting Justice Australia news


The AHRC’s 2nd report into Children in Detention entitled “The Forgotten Children” has now been published. This is the link to the press release on the UnitingJustice website. This is the link to the UJA website: