Carer’s Group

The Parish Carers’ Group works closely with our Minister, organising and supporting the pastoral care for members of the Congregation.  Individual members of the group are in very regular contact with the Minister and the Group meets with the Minister at least once a month to review the pastoral needs of the Congregation, to worship and to provide a venue of spiritual and practical support for each member of the Group.

Organisation of pastoral care within the Congregation.  Each member of the Congregation has been allocated a Carer, and those Carers have undertaken to keep in touch with members of the Congregation by telephone, at church and sometimes by a visit.  Each person in the Congregation is on the Carers’ contact list.  The allocation of Carers to members of the Congregation is reviewed regularly, in consultation with the Minister.

Sometimes members of the Congregation are unable to attend Sunday worship because of illness or frailty, so Elders or Carers take bread and wine from the Communion table at church to those people at home or in hospital enabling folk at home to feel connected to the Congregation. A brief, but moving service from Uniting in Worship is used.