Sunday Worship

Worship Services

We meet every Sunday at the Pearce Community Centre (map at right) at 9:30 am. Communion is normally observed on the first Sunday of the month.

At the start of each year we share Worship Services with Yarralumla Uniting Church and St. James Uniting Church (in Curtin). In 2019, the shared Service on 6 January is at Yarralumla, starting at 9.30 AM. On 13 January, the shared Service is at South Woden Uniting Church, starting at 9.30 AM. On 20 January, the shared Service is at St. James, starting at 10.30 AM.


Worship Participation

Many people contribute to the necessary preparations for worship and allow this to be spiritual preparation for worship.  Many people also take part in leading worship, offering the fruits of their inner life for the building up of the congregation.  It our conviction that the people of God have the most tangible experience of God’s presence in their midst when the most people possible use their gifts. Many of the Sermons or Reflections delivered by our members this year are on our Reflections and Sermons page.


Christmas service 008

The South Woden children take a strong and responsible role in Sunday worship and seasonal community activities.  They are considered full members of the Body of Christ and their gifts are nurtured and welcomed in leadership and service.  Children participate in every part of the worship service.  In a special conversation during the ‘Service of the Word’ they are supported to reflect on the Scripture readings for the day and then during the sermon they engage in further reflection in an activity within the worship space before returning to the congregation.  They offer regular leadership in the Prayers of the People and the Offering.  We find that thus engaged the children are also willing workers – setting up and packing away furniture and equipment with the adults.



At the special seasons, Easter and Christmas, there are additional projects and tasks to engage in: dramatizing the Christmas story, and baking and crafting at the Christmas party. Our Children’s Blog for Advent 2015 is at this link.


When we gather for worship at South Woden, music is a crucial part of creating a sacred space in the hall.  Our musicians are very generous with their time and energy and this gives rise to great beauty in our hymns, psalms and reflective music during the worship service. A music committee is the focus of musical planning for services, and to facilitate the forward planning of themes and special music that might be fitting for the coming season in the liturgical calendar. Music We aim for the music to support the words and messages of the liturgy; encourage and inspire a warm and worshipful atmosphere; edify the people present; and reach as high a standard of musicality as we can within the bounds of what is effectively a small volunteer community organisation.

Psalms.  The singing of Psalms connects us to 3000 years of Judaeo-Christian worship and the music style ranges from mediaeval to modern.  This musical element of the weekly worship is a joy and is very well received by the congregation.

  • A website and weekly blog, Psalms in the South, has been developed to explain our approach to the singing of the psalms and provide advance information on the up-coming set psalm and chosen music.