Our History

In the mid 1960’s the churches of Canberra were faced with unprecedented development in the Woden Valley. They could see that such new and rapid development needed a new approach to church development. The decision was made to cooperate in every possible way.

In February 1967, Rev G L Bridge, a Methodist Minister, was appointed to work in Chifley, Pearce and later, Torrens, Farrer and Mawson.

The first worship service of South Woden was held on 12 February 1967, in a house at 10 Julius Street, Pearce. The message offered by Geoff Bridge focused on the task of the Church to be offering reconciliation through Christ to people in an estranged world.

The first service was very informal service, with hymns accompanied by a tape recorder, and the bedroom used as a creche.

By April, 1967, services had been moved to the Library of the Pearce Primary School. Home groups were established early in 1967; each suburb had a group and they were responsible for the pastoral care of each of the members. The budding congregation worked hard at maintaining the traditions of its member groups.

South Woden Uniting Church was a prime force behind what is now the Claire Holland House. In 1981, as an outgrowth of the “Community” group, investigation is begun into the possibility of setting up a Hospice in Canberra. In 1982, Members of the Hospice Committee made themselves available to speak to groups about what a Hospice could offer to the community. In 1984, a public meeting held to proposed formation of a Canberra Hospice was attended by over 250 people.

South Woden Uniting Church celebrated its 50th year in 2017. A history of the church was written to coincide with that anniversary, and is available in print.

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