Our logo is a phoenix –
co-opted by Christians 
as a symbol of resurrection since the first century.

Who We Are

South Woden is an engaged Christian community of people who meet to worship together, to greet and care for each other and our community and then separate to live our lives as compassionate contemporary disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a congregation in which everyone participates – together we seek to serve God and our community. We seek support and nurture in our faith and mission by a Minister.

Our Minister

Our Minister is Rev. Gary Holdsworth, and an introduction is at this link: an-introduction-from-our-new-minister-rev-gary-holdsworth


Our Elders provides a ministry of spiritual leadership and oversight. Within South Woden Uniting Church this ministry of spiritual oversight works alongside the ordained minister, and links in with Church Council, the Carers Group and Worship Liaison.

Eldership is exercised within the Church Council by ensuring that the agenda gives priority to ensuring the pastoral care of the members of the congregation; assisting the Minister in planning the worship of the congregation; building up the congregation in faith, hope and love; and encouraging the congregation in Christ’s mission in the world.

There are several Elders within the Carers Group who play a vital role in assisting the Minister in Baptism, providing Communion for those unable to attend church, as well as sometimes assisting the Minister at other times, for example at Funeral services.

Worship Liaison

The Worship Liaison Team meets regularly (usually with the Minister) to plan the worship services during the events and celebrations of the liturgical calendar.


A music committee undertakes the musical planning for services, and facilitates the forward planning of themes and special music that might be fitting for the coming season in the liturgical calendar.


The Parish Carers’ Group works closely with the Minister, organising and supporting the pastoral care for members of the Congregation. Individual members of the group are in very regular contact with the Minister and the Group meets at least once a month to review the pastoral needs of the Congregation, to worship and to provide a venue of spiritual and practical support for each member of the Group.

Each member of the Congregation has been allocated a Carer, and those Carers have undertaken to keep in touch with members of the Congregation by telephone, at church and sometimes by a visit. Each person in the Congregation is on the Carers’ contact list. The allocation of Carers to members of the Congregation is reviewed regularly, in consultation with the Minister.

Church Council

Church Council, consisting of elected members and elders, meets regularly to decide and direct our affairs. The Council chair is Stephen Brand. Stephen can be contacted at secretary.swuc@gmail.com.


Our brochure, in pdf format, is available here: SWUC Brochure