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Sunday 30 October 2016

Today we wrote letters to God

Dear God,

Thank you for my friends and family and food and water. I also pray for sick people that they will feel better.

Love Georgia

Dear God,

I pray that you will release the children on Nauru and find a place for
them in society. It can’t be that hard can it? I mean, after all, you created the earth in just 6 days.

from Sofie

Dear God,

I pray for people who are struggling to get through life and the people who are disabled. I also pray for the people who are homeless, hungry and thirsty. Can you please help them?

Love from Ingrid

Dear God,

Can you help people make a time machine so I can see you make things. Dear God Can you make mum and dad more sensible because last time we went to the park mum and dad wobbled the see-saw and nearly broke it.

To God,

Thank you for my family and friends, and i hope you give me a good day today and the next day and so on, also, that no one gets hurt.

from me

Sunday 19 June 2016- Pentecost 5 Winter Solstice

Today we celebrated the light that Jesus brings to the world and reflected on the importance of light in our lives, our lifestyle and in the changing seasons.

Sunday March 6 2016-Lent 4

Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Girls can doing ANYTHING! The road to EQUALITY is long and hard.



Jessica, Sofie and Maeve talked about some amazing young women at St James on 6 March. Read their stories Malala, Janet Collins and Wilhelmina Smith.

28 February 2016-Lent 3

When we really listen, we can hear a pin drop.


Sunday 21 February 2016 – Lent 2

Today’s key word was Sanctuary. Jesus is like the mother hen, folding her chicks under her wings.


Sunday 14 February 2016 – Lent 1

We begin our Lenten journey toward Jesus with one simple step.


Sunday 7 February 2016 – Epiphany 5


The fishermen trusted Jesus and lowered their nets even though they’d caught nothing during the night and they were filled to overflowing!

Sunday 31 January 2016-Epiphany4

Summer holidays done…school starts tomorrow!!!! A blessing for children, parents, teachers. It’s going to be a great year.


Sunday 20 December – Advent: WELCOME

On Sunday 13 December – Advent: LOVE,  the children took part in acting out the roles for a video about the Nativity. The video was played during the Readings and Carols Service on 20 December, and can be seen at

Sunday 6 December – Advent: WONDER


On the 6th of December I went with Bette, Trish and Maeve to see Sister Jane in her tent in front of Parliament House. She has been there for 8 days now. Her reason for being there, is that she is doing a peaceful protest against the law that stops refugees from living in Australia. Her only companion is her dog “Shady” but she gets a constant flow of visitors. She is actually living at the tent embassy. While we were there she told us a story about a young Pakistani man who was attacked 3 times by the Talliban (a rebel group like Isis) he fled to Australia, only to be imprisoned on Christmas Island. He was severely traumatised and was only 17! I find this story really touching, it tells everyone who listens the reason we need to help and free the Refugees. It amazes and horrifies me that people like this are hurt by their own country, they are people just like us they have hopes, dreams and feelings too.


Today our word is wonder. We made cards to send to the kids on Nauru.

card1.jpg card3

card4.jpg   card5.jpgcard6

card7.jpg card8.jpg

card9.jpg card10




Because we will always wonder.

Sunday 29 November – Advent: HOPE

Today is the day of HOPE.

I as one can make a difference,

You as one can make a change,

Us united can create hope.


Today we made posters about hope for the kids on Nauru. We did this because it is advent and the kids need hope to help them survive.

poster 1

Sofie, Georgia, Kari, & Maya

theo poster


poster 2.jpg

Ingrid & Maeve

Sister Jane starts her protest vigil this Sunday, 29 November. Her blog became active on 29 November at

Keogh posterSunday 22 November – Christ the King


Today is the end of the church year.

We listened to Keith about Jesus.


Jesus loves all the world, He loves people from every race.



Jesus had lots of children.


IMG_3460 copy

Today we talked about what Jesus looked like, which is actually quite an interesting topic because no one actually knows what he looks like. we just assume that we know because of what we have been brought up to believe and because of pictures that we have seen but there is no actual proof that that is what Jesus looked like.



Today we talked about Jesus and how he was actually a real person. He was very good at talking to people about GOD!



Theo made a special present.

Next week will be Advent. A time of waiting for Christmas to come.

Sunday 15 November


We listened to the Old Testament reading about Hannah who longed desperately for a baby. What is something that we really really want? We drew some pictures about things we want really badly.IMG_2143